745 €

Round retro style table on one central leg. Can be extended with one or two inserts (each 40cm). Will be comfortable for 4-5 persons in compact size, 6-8 persons with one insert and up to 8-10 persons with two inserts.

Birch ᴓ110+40cm – 525.- €
Birch ᴓ110+2x40cm – 565.- €
Oak ᴓ110+40cm – 745.- €
Oak ᴓ110+2x40cm – 795.- €

Wooden finish of your choice:

Height 73 cm
Width Ø110 cm
Length Ø110+1x40 cm
Extendet length Ø110+2x40 cm

The manufacturing process

How the chairs are made at Wenden Furniture